Innovative Interactivity

2010 blog traffic

In 2007, frustrated by the lack of enthusiasm in the newspaper sector, I launched a personal blog to track multimedia trends. This was my outlet for continued education to keep myself motivated and inspired.

Initially called "Tracy Boyer's Blog" on Blogspot, I had no idea how to track analytics, market my content to others, attract advertisers and/or grow my audience. However, over time I realized that my blog was quickly gaining popularity so I taught myself how to launch a self-hosted Wordpress blog and migrated all of my content over to the new site, called Innovative Interactivity. Despite the mouthfull of a name, the original design and name has stuck since it launched in 2008.

In 2012 I sold it to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC Chapel Hill for an undisclosed sum.

Highlights of my blog included:

  • Saw readers in 177 countries with more than 155,000 pageviews in 2010.
  • Published all content in both English and Spanish for over a year thanks to volunteer Andrea Ballocchi.
  • Turned the site profitable in 2010 due to a number of affiliate marketing links and two private advertisers.
  • Published more than 600 posts in four years.
  • Remotely managed 16 guest bloggers and Spanish editor.